Hello, My name is Melanie Jane and this is my little scrap book of fashion illustrations and designs. Please excuse the scruffiness and I hope you enjoy what you see. Thankyou ,
Melanie Jane xxx

cheetah print xx
pink rose xx
blue jumpsuit! xx
new face xx
illustration development xx
new face xx
-illustration developmentxx
anaother little mini sketch from portfolio xx
mini sketch from portfolio xx
side view scribble xx
quick sketch xx
suit blue xx
summer sketch xx
little sewing project xx
beanicolea said:

Hi! Your drawings are amazingggg! I was wondering, how do you color your sketches? It looks so neat and pretty <3 thanks! :)

Heey!! and thanks that’s really nice of you to say :) I actually use photo shop to colour my sketches in (quite broke to buy a good set of paints at the moment :( ), But before I started using that programme, I used to use water paints or water colour pencils which are really great for colouring in, I used to use pantone pens as well which are good for colouring in , but harder to cover up if you make a mistake :p  Thank you for your message  and I hoped this helped you xxx

Burberry Prorsum Fall 2014 rtw xx
Bluemarine Fall 2014 rtw close up xx