Hello, My name is Melanie Jane and this is my little scrap book of fashion illustrations and designs. Please excuse the scruffiness and I hope you enjoy what you see. Thankyou ,
Melanie Jane xxx

stripe duo xx
afternoon scribble xx
Pick and mix accessories xx
Blue jeans xx
Michael Kors nyfw 2015 xx
Rodebjer new york fashion week 2015 xx
sweetliquor said:

hello i really love your work! what colouring technique do you use? thank you :)

hello, thank you for your your message! I colour in using an unfinished approach, I colour in where shading would be, and not colour in the whole figure. I use different mediums, for my tumblr blog I use photoshop , but for design work I use water colours or water colour pencils and sometimes copic markers. I hope this helped you :) xx

what-is-your-fashionality said:

Luv ur illustrations!!!

Aww Thank you xx

Feeling green xx
red dress xx
design development pages xx
have a nice afternoon xx
pink blush xx
see through skirt xx
cheetah print xx
pink rose xx
blue jumpsuit! xx